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security today but are other countries blowing off new safety measures mandated by the united states? >>> the recent blast of cold weather not just needing an extra jacket or so but led to a bumpy commute around town. we are on pothole pat local and emergency repairs that could impact your ride. fox 5 morning news continues ght now at 6:00. >> thank you for staying with us. it is 6:00 on this tuesday morning, january 5th. a live look at our nation's capitalrom tower cam. it is cold out there. good morning, i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we do have one school delay to pass along this morning out in western maryland. garrett county schools or a two- hour delay today. they will be opening a little bit later in garrett county this morning. >> and also bishop ireton school in alexandria is closed today. they don't have any water or heat. cold again today. >> more cold. we've got a cold start to the day. temperatures in the 20s. the difference between this morning and yesterday morning, we see some snow here and there. light snow, nothing to worry about but a few snow showers.
was also on board. >>> osama bin laden is threatening new attacks against the united states and trying to take credit for the christmas day failed bombing attempt. the terror leader put out a new audio message carried by the al- jazeera network but there are a lot of questions over that claim that he planned the detroit bombing. intelligence an lichts say the so-called underwear bomber was actually trained by an al-qaeda group in yemen. >>> more grim news coming out of haiti as truckers are filling mass graves with bodies. >> the government says it has buried more than 150,000 quake victims and that does not include those buried by relatives or killed in the outlying areas. >>> a global army of aid workers igetting food into people's hands but acknowledges efforts are falling short of what is needed. >>> over the weekend, the haitian government said that rescue operations were ending but international teams continue their work p one team found a shop clerk. he drove under a desk at the grocery store where he worked he survived by drinking soda, beer and eating cookies and says his fait
central california up into the northwestern states, the central parts of the united states are clear. precipitation-free and most of the eastern united states is precipitation-free with the exiption of some lake effect snows in portions of new york and pennsylvania -- with the exception of some lake effect snows in portions of new york and pennsylvania. a little bit warmer today for us. a high about 40 degrees. for tonight, cold again. maybe not quite as cold. 27degrees for your overnight low in town. wind remain calm. that is a good thing. then for your five-day forecast, we warm up nicely tomorrow into the mid- and upper 40s. by friday, we should be into the low 50s. some of you still the upper 40s but in town, i think the low 50s. saturday, flirting with 50. and on sunday, some precipitation moves in. that will most likely be rain. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> most people are flirting with disaster and you're flirting with rain? >> i'll take that. >> the rain or the disaster? >> the rain. checking o
poll. >>> as the united states applies more pressure on yemen to crack down on al-qaeda, the country is ving cautiously. it is worried about a potential backlash. one former yemeni soldier said, if the united states gets involved instead of dealing with 30 or 40 al-qaeda terrorists, the u.s. will have millions on its hands. >>> there are major new developments oversees seas. north creigh as calling for peace talks with the united states as a condition to resume six-party nuclear talks and end sanctions against the communist country. north even propose awed peace treaty to formally end the korean war which ended in a truce. pyongyang pulled out of talks last year. >>> a man posing as a secret service agent is expected in court today. 46-year-old frederick nickerson was arrested last tuesday after authorities say he flashed a phony badge and credentials. he is being held at the d.c. jail and will attend a detention hearing later today. >>> one d.c. woman went to bed alone and woke up with a stranger cuddling her. she screamed and he ran out of the home. the man didn't take anything. po
is a look at the satellite- radar if the eastern united states. a lot of clouds out there this morning. i think we'll see a fairly decent sunrise but i think we'll see more sunshine in the latter part of the day. current temperatures around the region here in d.c., 30 degrees. 29 out at dulles airport. 28 in baltimore. owe hen city at 28 degrees. in winchest, virginia, it is 26 degrees at this hour. forecast for today looks like this. early morning clouds, afternoon sun, a little more breezy today than it was yesterday. winds will pick up. they will be out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. we are looking for a high of 36 degrees yet again below normal. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. >> let's check in with julie wright see how traffic is moving early this morning. >> well, we're dealing with a lot of water main breaks right now. if you are eastbound 50 in virginia out in chantilly, that is where we have the water main break. right side of the roadblocked off there. route seven at george mason drive for the water main break. route on
against the united states. the president's top counter- terrorism advisor made the sunday talk show rounds to talk more about the potential attacks. >> there are indications that al-qaeda is planning to carry out an attack in the capital of yemen. i spoke with our ambassador down there. both the u.s. and the british embassies have been closed. >> yemen is the ancestral home of osama bin laden. as for whether u.s. troops might be sent there, the administration's top counter- terrorism advisor says that is not under discussion. >>> police arrested paul marriage in florida in a hotel. the motel's owner recognizes him from america's most wanted. he is being held without bond on four counts of murder and other charges. >>> there is an alert for metro riders. coleing up income here on fox 5, why you may be facing new delays this morning. >>> also, governor mart uno'malley could be facing a challenge from his own party. >>> all of that is coming up after the break. we'll get an update on the weather forecast on this chilly monday morning. we'll also check the roads with julie. stay with us. rainb
- qaeda and yemen may be planning more attacks on the united states. although no specific threats have been made, airlines are being more cautious which means long are waits at security especially if you are flying internationally. more federal air marshals on international flights, more random screenings and hundreds more names added to the terror watch list since that attempted bombing on northwest airlines flight on christmas day. >>> as we go it a break this morning -- >> with just one phone call, can you help relief efforts this morning. we have set up a phone bank in our fox five studios with five organizations. can you choose which you would like to don't a ate to. the number -- to donate to. the number the same for all. call our phone bank at the number on yr screen. we're back with morfox 5 morning news after this. everywhere you look it's happening a return to saving choosing less over more solid is making a comeback for solid savings, come to suntrust. live solid. bank solid. which is fantastic. we'll have them over for a friday night pizza. it's just our way of entertaining
. >>> an optimistic new year's resolution for north korea and it involves the united states. >> coming up next, could the north be ready to turn over a new leaf? >>> as we go it a break -- to a break, here are some scenes from last night. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> more violence in pakistan to start off the new year. pakistani officials say three people were killed in a u.s. missile strike near the afghan border. that missile strike hit a car carrying alleged mill tabts which u.s. officials believe are threatening the war effort in neighboring afghanistan. -- that missile strike hit a car carrying alleged militants. >>> a new year and a new north korea? the communist country used its annual knew year's message to call for relations with the united states. the comment could signal the regime is ready to return to international talks. >>> the federal judge has thrown out the case against blackwater security guards charged with killing civilians in iraq. a blackwater convoy opened fire on a crowd of unarmed iraqis at an intersection in baghdad in september 2007.
of the united states, vice president of of the united states and the visiting dignitaries. >> a grand jury is investigating the security breach and the salahis could still be facing criminal charge ms. this case. >>> stay tuned to fox 5 morning news. ahead in our 8:00 hour, d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton will be joining us live to talk more about that hearing yesterday. we will also be talking about delegate norton about a a big delivery that she and the group d.c. vote dropped off at the union station post office. they sent the white house 41,000 pet i gos demanding a rote in congress for citizens of district. they are calling on the president to include a statement about d.c. democracy in his upcoming state of the union address. >>> coming up next be, the way that banks do business is in for a big change. >> more on the restrictions that president obama is putting into place. >>> what did not happen right after the suspect in that attempted christmas day terror attack was arrested. these stories coming up.  >>> president obama cracking down on big banks. he is set to give the
to stay in the united states. the department of homeland security recently granted haitian nationals in the u.s. 18 months of temporary protected status meaning they don't have to return to haiti for another year and a half. >>> former president clinton and his daughter shale sea got a firsthand look at the damage in haiti yesterday. the two helped with aid distribution and visited port- au-prince's general hospital. mr.clinton says the need for medical supplies is dire. one example, medical staffers were forced to sterilize equipment with vodka. doctors are doing all they can with what little they have. >> this hospital only had the capacity for 700 patients when it was falsely operational and there is over 1,000, 100 patients sitting outside waiting for care. so it is very tricky to try to squeeze all those patients into a place that didn't fit th to begin with. >> hospitals in the dominican republic are also overwhelmed as well. a lot of people here are still waiting on word on the fate of their loved ones. >> others have already heard the news they feared and are leaning on the s
. it is extraordinary. very, very cold through outthe southern united states. we saw a temperature in the 20s early they are week. in new orleans, you were saying you have got friends in mississippi. >> they are dealing with really cold temperatures there too. it's sort of been lked in for the last week or two. >> it has been and it will be for the next several days. maybe we'll get some relief next week. we'll see about that. >>> let's take a look at hd radar. want to talk to you about some snow flurries flying across the area this morning. they are rather here or there, hit or miss. not a lot of snow out there by any means. some snow flurries this morning just like yesterday morning and i think we'll coinue to he soo it during the early-morning hours. you have some across the chesapeake bay, waldorf. manassas is seeing some light snow. out towards the west in winchester, temperature in the 0s there and some swan snow falling. this is all light snow and that will be about it for the morning hours. current temperatures around the region, well, we've gone up to 30 degrees. 30 here in washington. 28
. satellite-radar for the eastern united states, this is your storm system as it comes through. bulk of the precipitation is offshore. there is a spot of very heavy rain in southeastern north carolina and for us, it is mainly rain but again off to the west there is your icing conditions in western maryland. panhandle of west virginia, western portions of virginia, up into pennsylvania as well. forecast for today, winter weather advisory in effect north and west of the city. light rain, sleet and snow are possible this morning. little accumulation expected and then this all wraps up late morning, early afternoon. 38degrees for your high in town. five-day forecast, tomorrow, saturday, 4 # degrees for your high with lots of sunshine. that is a seasonal temperature. sunday and monday, milder but we're going to get a pretty good soaking on sunday. rain comes in here and i think it will be pouring rain during the course of the afternoon. it will be fairly heavy rainfall. sday afternoon, sunday night and into early monday and then that starts to wrap up. that is what is happening with the w
the united states now on the ground in haiti. >> they're playing a critical role in saving lives. fox's william la jeunesse takes a look at how they get trained out in california. >> reporter: today in haiti, man's best friend is man's best hope. experts say victims of the quake can survive about five more days j these dogs are an amazing tool and that is exactly when they are is a tool to help us do our jobs better. these dogs know what to do. their nose is amazing. they can find anything you need them to find. rotor dogs you see here were themselves rescued are shelters by the national disafter the every search dog foundation in california. it has seven disaster dog in haiti and nine more on their way. >> you might not be able to pinpoint exactly where they are at. the dog can go in and find them with their nose. so you have to be able to direct the dog across the rubble pile, command the dog to do what you you need it to do. >> reporter: trains are say these dogs can hear and smell what none of us can see. their nose, by some accounts, 40 times more sensitive than ours. trained to
suspended sales in the united states of eight models including its best- selling camry in order to fix sticking gas pedals that could make the cars accelerate without warning. >> i think everybody has issues from time to time. things happen. mistake happen. >> reporter: work at six plants in the u.s. and canada will also be halted beginning the week of february 1st to address the issue. it is unclear when that production will resume. >> it is kind of voicing becausey to old ais really popular and really famous in terms of their dependency. >> the suspension comes after a recall of the same models last week involving 2.3 million vehicles. >> i think it is a good thing. they probably should have done it a few weeks ago when they were saying it was the gas pedal and the floor mats. >> reporter: analysts say toyota needs to find a solution to the company fast indicating that the bottom line and reputation could be significantly damage giant food it is a little frustrating because i'm here to sell cars but by the same token i don't want to put something hot road that is not going to be safe
focuses on rebuilding, secretary of state hillary clinton says that haiti can depend on the united states but has to lead its own way. >>> political activist and comedian dick grege is make a personal effort to draw attention to what is happening in haiti. yesterday, gregory announced he will fast for the next 30 days. he made the announcement at the union temple baptist church in southeast washington. he will also keep himself confine today church for the first week of the fast. >>> coming up next, saddam hussein's cousin executed for an tax that killed thousands of impeachment. >>> heart break for the family of olympic figure skater nancy kerrigan. her father is dead and her brother accused of an assault. more on that when fox 5 morng news continues.  >>> making headlines this morning, team from the u.n. and several other countries are helping in the search effort after a plane crash off the coast of lebanon. at least 0 bodies have been found. 90 people are feared dead. officials are ruling out terrorism but they say the pilot of the plane that crashed into the mediterra
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15